Flux for blast furnace


FluMag® flux with a high magnesium oxide content is applied when smelting iron in a blast furnace, producing sinter in sintering and pelletizing.

FluMag® flux with a high magnesium oxide content is designed to introduce magnesium to a blast furnace both directly and via agglomerate and sinter, improving its quality (based on Japanese patents) with the aim of reducing the viscosity of blast-furnace slag and improving its desulphurating capacity for more efficient iron smelting.

FluMag® is applied in the sinter-feed mixture in quantities that equate to 0.5-2 % of furnace burden weight. It reduces the tendency of pore formation, excessive magnesium oxide dissolving in initial sinter-feed mixture materials, and reduces slag formation.

FluMag® flux with a high magnesium oxide content is applied when manufacturing iron-ore agglomerate with the optimum amount of FluMag® flux introduced at 2%, improving pellet quality characteristics.

It stabilizes the behavior of magnesium oxide in blast-furnace slag when melting sinter and agglomerate in a blast furnace, and increases furnace capacity.


The best alternative to using dolomite, magnesite, or limestone
in the production of agglomerate and nuggets
The lowest impurity content
As compared with dolomite, it results in significantly stronger agglomerate
Increases the efficiency of the agglomerate manufacturing process
Makes the iron ore nuggets stronger and more resistant to heat. When it is used for fluxing no bentonite is required
Does not release any СО2 when it degrades, thus making the agglomerate manufacturing process less environmentally damaging


  • FluMag 10-40
    pdf, 231.21 Kb
  • FluMag 10-60
    pdf, 231.25 Kb
  • FluMag M_0-10
    pdf, 183.16 Kb
  • FluMag M52_0-20
    pdf, 182.63 Kb
  • Patent 5012138 overview. Sumitomo Metal furnace
    pdf, 595.33 Kb
  • Patent 3900721 overview.JFE Steel agglomerate
    pdf, 468.35 Kb
  • Patent 512658 overview.Sumitomo Metal agglomerate
    pdf, 382.19 Kb

Other applications

Flux for converters
FluMag® increases the level of magnesium oxide
in the slag and forms a hard-wearing layer of slag
skull on the converter lining in order to make it more durable.
Flux for electric arc furnace
FluMag® accelerates basic slag formation in an electric arc furnace and builds a wear-resistant slag layer on the lining, which improves durability.

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