Foliar nutrition


AgroMag® AktiMax is a new environmentally friendly liquid magnesium fertilizer with a high content of active ingredient (not less than 20,9 % Mg) and the addition of nitrogen.

The product is a white liquid suspension and is used as magnesium foliar nutrition for crops during the growing season in order to normalize plant metabolism, increase yield, nutritional value of products, and increase plant resistance to diseases in adverse environmental conditions.

Magnesium deficiency causes weakening of plants (especially during periods of drought), disrupts their growth and development, reduces yield, and affects the quality of products. For example, fruit trees can cause shedding of ovaries and fruits.

Therefore, recovering magnesium deficiency in crops is an important task for every farmer and agricultural enterprise.

Typical composition

Mg, min                                           20.9 %
N, min 3.8 %
Са, max 1.2 %


Liquid fertilizer with a high magnesium content compared
to other magnesium fertilizers
Increases crop yields, improves
the crop quality
Eliminates the lack of pigmentation (coloring) in fruits and berries
Improves phosphorus
digestibility by crops
Contains nitrogen, which significantly increases
the fertilizer efficiency
Easy to use


Recommendations for use
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Safety Data Sheet AgroMag AktiMax
pdf, 678.98 Kb
Safety Data Sheet AgroMag Granular
pdf, 667.6 Kb
Safety Data Sheet AgroMag Feed
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  • AgroMag AktiMax
    pdf, 60.25 Kb

Other applications

Soil nutrition
Eco-friendly and safe magnesium fertilizer
for plant root nutrition and soil improvement.
Animal nutrition
In various areas of animal husbandry, magnesium is an important element of the diet of many animal species, especially in the field of cattle, pig and poultry.
Magnesium for complex fertilizers
The inclusion of magnesium in complex fertilizers, such as NPK to increase fertilizer efficiency and neutralize excess acidity during the production process.
Anti-caking agent
Improving the product characteristics of ammonium nitrate, such as caking, white color, shape and strength of granules. Also reduces sulfate deposits thereby extending equipment life.

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