Flame retardants for plastics

Solvent-based rubber adhesives

Solvent-based rubber adhesives

Solvent-based rubber adhesives are used in almost all branches of industry and in everyday life: aircraft and automotive, construction, leather, footwear and chemical manufacturing.

Solvent-based rubber adhesives make it possible to bond not only homogeneous, but also heterogeneous substrates of completely different nature, operating under different conditions: metal-to-rubber, rubber-textile, rubber-rubber, etc.

A large number of cold and hot cured solvent-based adhesive systems for domestic and industrial use are created on the base of polychloroprene rubber. Chlorinated rubber (Pergut type) is common base for adhesives intended to bond rubber to metal during the vulcanization process.

High active magnesium oxide is always added to the formulation of these adhesives. Due to the high surface area magnesium oxide neutralize the released acids, avoiding the scorching, leading to greater safety of adhesives during processing, and improves the bonding strength due to the formation of a chelate complex in reaction with phenol-formaldehyde resins added into the formulation.

We are the leading manufacturer of magnesium innovative products and supplier of MagPro® magnesium oxide produced by the carefully controlled indirect calcination of milled natural brucite mineral.


Flame retardants for plastics
Solvent-based rubber adhesives
Acid acceptor, scorch controller, chelating agent enhancing the strength of the adhesive joint for the production of solvent-based rubber adhesives.

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