Legal information

Legal information

General provisions

This web site is the official corporate site of the Managing Company of the Russian Mining Chemical Company LLC (RMCC LLC) Group.

The purpose of this page is to inform you of the rules that apply to visitors of our site. We hereby inform you that by using the name or contents of this site, or when accessing downloading of any part, and by entering any information in the sections of the site that allow such an operation, the user confirms that he/ she irrevocably agrees to be bound by the following terms of use. If you do not agree to the conditions set out herein, we recommend that you refrain from using this site in any way. We reserve the right at any moment to change or amend the site’s terms of use. If any provision forming part of these terms is found to be in breach of Russian law, invalid, or lacking in legal effect, all the remaining terms shall nevertheless be deemed to be valid and binding.

Limitation of liability

All information on this site is published for informational purposes only, does not create any obligations binding on our Company and does not constitute an offer under civil law. The information contained on the site is not intended to give rise to any contractual relations in relation to the goods described, nor any obligations to sell such goods. For further information on the terms of use relating to our goods, please consult our official distributors or representatives of our Company. The information and product descriptions contained on this site may be changed or amended by RMCC LLC at any time without prior notification.

Unless otherwise is officially stated, nothing in the content of RMCC LLC’s site constitutes a guarantee in respect of the properties of goods, or information concerning their quality, which is binding on RMCC. That also applies to the currency, accuracy, completeness and quality of the information on the site. RMCC LLC does not accept any responsibility in relation to the content of this site, other than responsibilities directly imposed by law.

Any responsibility of RMCC LLC for direct or indirect losses or other negative consequences which may arise as a result of the use of this site is hereby fully excluded. Any obligations and responsibility owed by RMCC LLC in relation to the above mentioned goods must be established in the proper manner.

  • RMCC LLC bears no responsibility for the loss of any data, or any direct or indirect loss or harm related to the use of any information contained on this site, or related to the protection of intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, data or anti-virus software. The User should him or herself take whatever steps they consider necessary to protect their own information and software from any kind of computer virus.
  • RMCC LLC bears no responsibility for any inaccuracy or mistakes on this site, and it offers no warranty concerning any information or software contained on other sites which are or may be associated with this site. RMCC LLC is not responsible for any direct or indirect harm resulting from the transfer to such sites, or the use of information, software or other products contained on such sites.

Intellectual property

The trade names and trade marks contained on this site are the intellectual property of RMCC LLC and its affiliates. No information contained on this site may be treated as giving a right to use any trade marks or other intellectual property assets. In the event of any unlawful use of trade names, trade marks and other intellectual property assets, the appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the law.

All texts, photographs, graphic designs and other materials on the site are protected by the authors’ rights of RMCC LLC and its affiliates and partners. The copying, amendment and publication of such materials without the written consent of the rights holder is forbidden. RMCC LLC and its affiliates and partners reserve the right to protect such rights by means of court proceedings.


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We draw your attention to the fact that the information on the web site is purely informational, and under no circumstances constitutes a public offer as defined in Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.