Flame retardants for plastics

Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants

Since the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) fire safety requirements for construction materials are continuously tightening worldwide, especially in cable industry.

As a result, the consumption of mineral flame retardants based on metal hydroxides is growing since these materials do not emit toxic gases during decomposition, which are one of the main causes of fire damage and deaths. In contrast, magnesium hydroxide effectively neutralizes toxic gases released during combustion, significantly reducing smoke generation. Due to its excellent refractory properties magnesium hydroxide promotes the formation of a strong protective char during combustion, preventing the formation of dangerous burning droplets.

It’s application as a single flame retardant optimizes the cost of the core compound, increasing productivity and reaching the highest grades of fireproof classification.

We are the leading producer and supplier of non-halogenated natural magnesium hydroxide EcoPiren® powder for use as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant in plastic compounds. As EcoPiren® is a natural material, its production is more environmentally friendly compared to synthetic grades produced by a high energy process.


Flame retardants for plastics
HFFR cables
EcoPiren® is used in production of halogen free compounds for cable sheathing, bedding
or insulation layers.
Flame retardants for plastics
PVC cables
EcoPiren® is used in production of PVC compounds of cable sheathing, bedding or insulation layers.
Flame retardants for plastics
Aluminum composite panels
EcoPiren® is used in production of the core
compound for B2, B1 or A2 grades of ACP.
Flame retardants for plastics
Bitumen roofing membranes
EcoPiren® is used in production of APP or SBS modified bitumen roofing membranes with
BroofT1, BroofT2 or BroofT3 fireproof properties.
Flame retardants for plastics
TPO roofing membranes
EcoPiren® is used in production of TPO
roofing membranes.
Flame retardants for plastics
Engineering plastics
Used in E&E compounds.

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