Quality policy

Quality policy


High and consistent quality is our number one priority and something we are justifiably proud of. We have the entire production chain of the Brucite+ brand in our hands: from the extraction of the mineral brucite to its crushing and surface treatment. We continuously improve our production and quality control processes by carrying out regular internal audits and strictly following the main aspects of our quality management policy.

Our company has successfully passed the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 certification, which only strengthens our leading global position in the field of quality magnesium products based on the mineral brucite.
quality control laboratories
research laboratories

We have two modern quality control laboratories with identical basic laboratory and auxiliary equipment at the Brucite mineral deposit and Vyazma Brucite LLC production facilities, thus ensuring comprehensive quality control — from raw material extraction to the end user.

The main tasks of the quality control laboratories are to regularly monitor the various physical and chemical parameters of the products produced:

  • content of the main components: magnesium, calcium, silicon, iron
  • granulometric composition
  • wetness, bulk density, whiteness
  • specific surface area of powder products
  • dynamic viscosity of liquid magnesium products
Quality control

Research and development

Thanks to our modern R&D base and team of professionals, we provide our customers not only with a standard set of products, but are also able to offer an individual approach to the development of new product brands and highly qualified technical support for their application.

The results of the company’s scientific activities are presented to a wide audience at many industry-specific international conferences.

Our company conducts active research activities, discovering new possibilities of the mineral brucite and its applications, on the basis of which Brucite+ brand products are manufactured. This is possible thanks to two additional research laboratories at the production site of Vyazma Brucite Ltd:

  1. R&D center  — development of new products and applications
  2. Polymer laboratory  — research in the field of polymer compounds

The research laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art European equipment to analyze:

  • chemical composition by XRF spectrometry and wet chemistry
  • particle size distribution by Malvern laser diffraction
  • specific surface area and porosity by BET nitrogen adsorption
  • mineral composition by Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and optical microscopy
  • carbon and hydrogen content with Infrared
  • viscosity of liquid suspensions according to Bruckfield
  • parameters of granular products
  • physical and mechanical rheological and non-flammable properties of polymer compounds

We are continually expanding our scientific knowledge base to share new discoveries with our customers, helping them to reach new heights.