Flame retardants for plastics

SMC/BMC composites

SMC/BMC composites

Over the past decades, composite materials have become important in transport engineering, automotive, aviation technology, electrical engineering and other industries.

Composites based on Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC) technologies allow the creation of cost-effective mass production of small and medium-size parts with the highest requirements of mechanical properties and thermal-resistance.

In the high technological process of SMC/BMC composites, it is necessary to thicken the paste based usually on polyester resin. For this purpose, a thickening agent is added to the paste during its process and the most commonly used is highly active magnesium oxide.

The correct selection of thickening agent is extremely important in producing a high-quality composite without moulding flaws, cracks and undulations.

We are the leading manufacturer of magnesium innovative products and supplier of MagPro® , a highly active magnesium oxide produced by carefully controlled indirect calcination of milled brucite mineral.


Flame retardants for plastics
Thickening agent for SMC/BMC composites based on unsaturated polyester and polyacrylic resins.

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