Flame retardants for plastics



At modern iron and steel plants, cost-effective magnesium based materials are now used in iron smelting and steelmaking and are in high demand.

These materials ensure high performance in agglomeration and blast-furnace processes, product quality, and steelmaking converter lining durability. The mineral brucite has the highest naturally occurring magnesium oxide content compared with other natural minerals. 

FluMag® fluxes with a high-magnesia content from natural mineral brucite ensure the best performance and agglomeration properties, blast-furnace conversion products, and the required level of converter and electric steelmaking furnace lining durability, which significantly reduces costs.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of FluMag® , a high-magnesia flux, with our own raw-material base.

FluMag® is an environmentally friendly material. The production and use of this material do not cause any harm to the environment, which sets it apart from other magnesia fluxes.


Flame retardants for plastics
Flux for converters
FluMag® increases the level of magnesium oxide
in the slag and forms a hard-wearing layer of slag
skull on the converter lining in order to make it more durable.
Flame retardants for plastics
Flux for electric arc furnace
FluMag® accelerates basic slag formation in an electric arc furnace and builds a wear-resistant slag layer on the lining, which improves durability.
Flame retardants for plastics
Flux for blast furnace
When used in agglomeration and blast-furnace production, FluMag® results in slag with ideal metallurgical properties, increasing the quality
of the agglomerate and nuggets and the effectiveness
of the cast iron smelting.

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